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    Inq’s journalistic and creative experience with world-leading brands makes content marketing a key discipline, which we master and excel. We know that lifestyle needs biz and buzz and honour the right combination between emotional and rational. We build awareness and sales through.

“Inq is cool, digitally-savvy, innovative and takes its cues from the new world”

Inq is a strategic and creative brand activation agency – targeting stakeholders such as press, bloggers, instagrammers, celebrities, influencers and end-consumers on all communication platforms. We create original and innovative actions to activate your brand, pump up your buzz, and positively influence your sales-through performance.

Through our 22 years of existence the Inq-discipline has successfully evolved and is endorsed by some of the world’s most powerful international brands. Inq is proud of its unique Scandinavian heritage.

“Among our successes, Inq was awarded the honourable title as Nike’s ‘best performing, quickest and best organised agency in the Nordics!”