1. >>Brand Launches

    Inq has extensive experience in successful launches in the Nordic market - from flagship store openings to the introduction of the brand into the market. From the 360 degrees communication architecture to a colab release or campaign. In all our efforts, we are strategic, tactical and connected. Among our cases are: Nike+ App launch - Denmark, Bang & Olufsen - Denmark, Hamleys - Denmark & Norway, Sephora - Nordic, Playstation - Denmark, ILLUM - Denmark, ECCO - Global, HUGO BOSS - Nordic, BURBERRY - Nordic

>>Social media management

With a strong creative and strategic take-off, we activate your brand on all social media platforms. We build relation to your target group through relevant content with authenticity, integrity and transparency. We develop your brand activation strategies and help you to identify the essentials of your brand core values and implement and communicate them on all relevant social media channels.

Future communication is increasingly based on creativity, content, media and technology. We are specialised in understanding social behaviour in the digital economy, with a strategic focus on content marketing. We form, plan and create relevant content to communicate and build engagement and relation to your target group through authenticity, integrity and transparency on all relevant social media platforms. We use our strong creative and strategic take-off to build strong brand awareness and optimise your social presence.

“Social media activation is building a long-term emotional connection between your brand and your stakeholders. Inq helps your brand to fascinate, inspire and engage your social media audience. Loyalty is key! Content is king!”

>>Social media management
We offer on-going support and daily operation of apps, platforms and communities. We can help you build your fan base and increase interaction through our social media management experts and the use of a professional social media management system and tools. We maintain conversations with your audience and make sure to reach the goals and objectives of your social media strategy.

    • Analysis, research (journalistic approach)
    • Create activity plan
    • Activation of content
    • Follow-up
    • Roll-Out on all channels
    • Finalising & effect measurement

>>Social media content production
We produce relevant content and tell stories. These are the stories that are being spread and told. We believe that good content is the key ingredient in a social media strategy to build relationships between the brand and the consumer. Good content is likeable, influential, useful, relevant, engaging, inspirational and interactive. Content is writing, blogging, photos, video, articles, use-generated content and third-party content.

      • Analysis, research (journalistic approach)
      • Gather Intel from suppliers, service partners, stakeholders
      • Create content for communication – individually for each channel
      • Follow strategy & action plan
      • Form tactical plan for content communication, on all channels

>>Social PR
We make sure that great content gets activated. We ensure publicity and exposure through our extensive network of influencers, bloggers and communities. We make sure that the good content gets shared and gets the attention it deserves. Social media is a powerful tool for increasing your visibility, building relationships and connecting with others. Being real in the virtual world will expand your influence, connecting you more quickly to those who need or desire what you have to offer.

  • Analysis, research (journalistic approach)
  • Gather Intel from suppliers, service partners, stakeholders
  • Form strategy & flow chart
  • Form tactical plan for content communication, on all channels
  • Storyboard development
  • Communication platform, strategy/plan
  • Create content

>>Social media strategy
We build your social media strategy around your brand with authenticity, focus and consistency. Social strategy is defining the tone of voice, consistent use of selected channels, type of content and whom to engage with. We define the KPI´s of reach, pages likes and social engagement through analysis of when and how your consumer is active on social media. We help you make targeted choices based on your brand attributes and audience to make better use of your resources.

  • Analysis, research (journalistic approach)
  • Gather Intel from exciting social media platforms
  • Form tone of voice
  • Form personal to speak to/the audience
  • Form tactical plan for communication, on all channels
  • Storyboard development
  • Form strategy platform

Social media graphic design
With strong in-house graphic design, we create your social media apps, campaign and contests and implement them on all relevant channels. Social media campaigns are an essential tool for the modern, connected business, from promoting an initiative, to launching a new product. We promote your story or product on social media — producing dedicated followers and results. We combine best practices and innovative strategies to advance your story and activate sales using strong visual stimulation.

  • Analysis of content
  • Gather Intel from client, stakeholders
  • Form tactical plan and KPI
  • Design content/graphics, competitions, apps, campaign
  • Implement on relevant social channels

Social media monitoring
We monitor and analyse current consumers, platforms and on-going campaigns. This means we can constantly optimise our efforts and stay ahead of consumer trends and market around us. Through the use of a social media management system, we increase awareness of what’s being posted to brand pages and popular social networks. By listening for insights, brands can act quickly to address negative feedback, identify business opportunities, or strengthen relationships with customers—all while gaining a competitive edge among industry stakeholders.

  • Monitoring of your brand on all social media platforms
  • Gather Intel and compare to KPI
  • Form strategy of new developments, use of platforms if needed
  • Form overview of social behaviour on clients platforms
  • Analysis of performances/lack of performance
  • Defining next steps, how to improve